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About Us

About Us

At Fawcett & Fawcett our mission is to provide competent professional services and exceptional support to our clients with the goal of sustaining those relationships throughout a lifetime.

Why Do We Do It?
We understand that issues of aging and illness are matters that affect individuals in significant and often deeply personal ways.  At Fawcett & Fawcett our attorneys understand that each client and family situation is unique and we ensure that all the legal support and guidance we provide is given with compassion and understanding of our clients’ unique situation and is based on legal knowledge and experience you can trust.

Do You or a Family Member Need to Hire an Elder Law Attorney?
When considering if you or a family member needs to hire an elder law attorney, consider this elder law issues are complex and one wrong word or move can mean the difference between a good result and a bad one. Aside from this, the three reasons listed below should be enough to convince you or your family member to go out and find and hire a qualified elder law attorney to assist with elder law matters.

How do we distinguish ourselves from other law firms?
No matter what the client’s age, Fawcett & Fawcett will advance our client’s interest in sustaining the highest ability of future “independence” by establishing their unique set of rights and desires. Each client has a voice. We support that voice by upholding choices made regarding life-support, living conditions, finances, health facilities, treatments, family provisions and the like.

For most clients, determining these wishes in the event of adverse health, old age, and death for self and/or family is a most difficult first step. Fawcett & Fawcett is here to listen without judgment and draft a plan that will be tailored or change as one navigates through life and circumstances change. Should these wishes have to be acted upon, the groundwork is laid to determine under certain circumstances and how Fawcett & Fawcett would best advocate on the client’s behalf in order to sustain independence regardless of his/her stage in life – or health.

What factors drive your decision on hiring a law firm?
For some people, the cost of service is the deciding factor. We know money is important, however, at Fawcett & Fawcett we also know that our client’s value knowing whose voice is at the other end of the phone. We know our clients always respond to being treated with the respect they deserve as they work through the difficulties that life can sometimes bring.

Without an Elder Law Attorney, the Buyer Must Beware
If you think that you will be saving a few dollars by filling out the Medicaid application yourself or using forms found on the internet or in a do-it-yourself book to prepare your estate planning documents, then your family will be in for a rude awakening when they learn that your or a family member will not qualify for Medicaid or part or all of a loved one’s will, trust, or medical or financial power of attorney is not legally valid or will not work as anticipated. Thousands of dollars will then be spent working with a qualified elder law attorney after the fact to fix these unnecessary mistakes.

Elder Law Attorneys Can Help Sort Out Complex Family and Financial Situations
Take a look at your life and your assets to see if you fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • You’re in a second (or later) marriage
  • You own one or more businesses
  • You own real estate in more than one state
  • You have a disabled family member
  • You have minor children
  • You have problem children
  • You don’t have any children
  • You want to leave some or all of your estate to charityv
  • You have substantial assets in 401(k)s and/or IRAs
  • You were recently divorced
  • You recently lost a spouse or other family member
  • You have an incapacitated spouse in need of long-term care
  • You have a taxable estate for federal and/or state estate tax purposes

If one or more of these situations apply to you, then you will need the counseling and advice of an experienced elder law attorney to assist you with your elder law needs. Otherwise, it may be the state, an elder law attorney, a probate lawyer, your state’s department of revenue, and/or the IRS that will receive the largest chunk of your assets.

Fawcett & Fawcett prides itself that due to our size, each of our staff knows and takes an active role to lend support, act upon the needs, in a respectful understanding manner to any one of our clients.